Help us push back against Wikipedia!

I am an introvert and I don’t like that about myself.

I find it extremely difficult to call people I don’t know, introduce myself and start a conversation.

It’s equally difficult to directly message somebody on Twitter or WhatsApp and try to engage the person in an unsolicited dialogue.

The more I try, the more I feel worse.

Since it was getting extremely difficult for me to start conversations, I started writing this blog to let you know that I am seeking help.

Let us get to the point.

Sometime back, I wrote a Twitter thread informing that I am planning to file a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against an online global network and that I was looking for a lawyer to represent me.

Here is the tweet thread:

The tweet thread received a huge response. Many rightly guessed that I am talking about Wikipedia.

I then got in touch with talented lawyer, Advocate Shubhendu Anand and together, we hit up Shri Raghav Awasthi, an accomplished legal counsel, who has successfully argued matters about social media giants, both at the Supreme Court and at the Delhi High Court. Later on, Advocate Mukesh Sharma, who works closely with Advocate Awasthi, joined the team.

I presented my findings with them – the evidence that Wikipedia is illegally operating in India and adopts an opaque, discriminatory editorial process which is typically Hinduphobic.

Anti-Hindu bigotry: The Delhi Riots Wikipedia Page as it appears on April 25, 2022. It says that Hindus organised, orchestrated and caused the riots by citing unverified and biased sources which is in complete contravention to factual news reports from the ground.

The kind, young lawyers are taking up this case ‘pro bono’ which means they are not charging me anything for this.

But that is only a good start.

We still need help as there are other people helping us (interns, office staff, peons) and they need to be paid something for working with us.

Filing a case means that there are costs of stationary, court fees etc. Some other legal costs are involved too. I agree that the amount is very less but since I don’t earn that much, even Rs. 50K is a tad too much for me to bear alone.

We have ruled out crowdfunding and individual donations at the moment because there are legalities involved including an audit process, transparency and tax implications.

It is an additional burden on all of us specially when we are grappling with a situation.

But at the same time, we want to reach out to organisations, celebrities, media organisations and some individuals. We thought it will be easier to be answerable to a few organisations than hundreds of individuals.

Who are the organisations/celebrities who can help us in our fight?

Here is an indicative list:

  1. If Wikipedia editors have vandalised your Wikipedia profile.
  2. If Wikipedia has deleted your profile without assigning any valid reason.
  3. If Wikipedia has banned you from editing Wikipedia articles.
  4. If Wikipedia has decided that content published on your company’s website cannot be regarded as a source for Wikipedia.
  5. If You – as an organisation – is outraged by Wikipedia’s anti-Hindu bigotry.

All the above makes you a victim of Wikipedia’s arbitrary policies and we want to talk to you.

How you can contribute towards the cause:

  1. Help us with our paltry legal expenses by donating to us (as an organisation only and NOT as an individual)
  2. Give us logistical and material support from your organisation.
  3. Give us access to your legal team for legal opinions and other kinds of legal support.
  4. Become a party to our PIL application.
  5. Intervene as a party in our PIL application.

If you are a Hindu organisation and are outraged with the anti Hindu bigotry then please help us sustain the case at the High Court. Yes, we have decided to approach the Delhi High Court.

We are already in the process of contacting people we know but we know that this is a huge legal matter and the Ecosystem – that is flushed with US dollars – will do their best to protect their turf.

This is why your participation is important.

If you cannot participate directly then just help us by spreading the word by retweeting tweets, sharing the link in chat groups, Facebook etc.

The more you spread the word, our hands will be stronger.

If you want to help and get in touch with us, just comment on this post with your phone number and/or email ID and we will get in touch with you.

We will not publish such comments.

You can email us at

Please help us.

Please help us fight an American Big Tech that has scant regard for Indian laws or Indians.

Thank you for reading.

We are looking forward to your responses and participation.


16 thoughts on “Help us push back against Wikipedia!

  1. This is a great new step in fighting back. Whenever my kid googles something they are shown Wikipedia answers first as if it is a real encyclopedia.
    Even left leaning websites like Quora which apppear next are similarly questionable.
    I think Quora and Encyclopedia have single handedly destroyed elderly opinion over the last 5 years, have blatantly given biased responses and affected the Indian youth and their beliefs and principles. I have seen teachers use that as a reference too which is even more dangerous.


  2. I appreciate your initiative. It would be great if you could take donations from individuals. Even the smallest amount from large number of Nationalists would make a huge difference.

    Anyway I will be sharing this widely.

    Wish you all the best.


  3. Dear, Soumyadipta, I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. Wikipedia has become a factory of lies and propaganda. I donated to this wicked monster before. I will stand with you with all my strength in this fight to protect India and our culture.


  4. Yes posting fake information is illegal they have to face what they did. Well done and we stand by this decision of yours to take Wiki to the court


  5. Worthwhile initiative. One sided narratives should not prevail or a certain section of people alone cannot be allowed to determine what general public read about any issue.


  6. Bless you and your great efforts. I hope you will allow some of us to just give. We wouldn’t call that “donation” if it causes inconvenience. Neither am I looking even for a receipt. It will be a small effort from each of us, but it should have a big impact on your financial freedom to pursue the right course of action.


    • Respected Ma’am,

      We will remember your kind offer if we ever get stuck because of money. Right now, we are hoping at least one company will sponsor us.
      However, if you can donate as a company or through a company, then we can accept it as sponsorship of the legal fees.
      Please feel free to write to



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